Our Mission

The mission of Crossroads is to lead people into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

The vision of Crossroads is to lead both internationals and Singaporeans into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ as disciples who can transform their unique spheres of influence (2 Tim. 2:2). Crossroads focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on reaching the English-speaking community.

Our Values

We worship near Singapore’s PIE (Pan-Island Expressway). This major east-west artery links the entire island as an international hub.  At Crossroads, we also have our own "PIE": Participatory, International, and Expository.


Sometimes it is hard to break into a new church due to history, divisions, and hierarchies.  CIC seeks to be a refreshing exception as a family where it is easy to be valued.  Some people don’t like this level of participation, preferring to be anonymous, but come and give us a try anyway! Let’s connect with both God and others.  Only a few of us have family living in Singapore, so we become family with one another.

Our Sunday service evidences an informal, accepting atmosphere, led by the Spirit. You would be the only one with a tie on but not the only one in shorts. Don't be surprised to find less than 50 of us in the room :-).


Singaporean churches naturally function around the Singapore work and education calendar. However, at Crossroads, we design the calendar with a more multicultural ethos. For example, youth mission trips fall within the international school breaks rather than those of the local schools.

So we design our style, calendar, and values to reach a diverse population living in Singapore. Singaporeans form a VERY important part of our fellowship (our largest group, actually) and some are members.  However, since our beginning in 2006, Crossroads has mostly had godly leadership from other nations, including the USA, Armenia, Australia, Germany, India, Myanmar, Mongolia, and the Netherlands. At the last count the church had 11 nations represented, though Singaporeans are our largest group (24%), followed by Indians (21%) and Americans (19%).

Our many nations in the body and our missionary leadership have given us a mission heart from the start. We invest at least 20% of our offerings outside of Singapore. The church supports mission efforts such as these:

     • Central Asia: C & C Hartley (church planting)

     • India:   Athan & Chanchan Shongzan (Professional Training Institute, Manipur)

     • Mongolia: Budmaa Mongol (pastor, author, radio speaker, founder of Maranata Publishing, traveling teacher and trainer)

     • Myanmar: Jonathan Stone (primary school education consultant)

     • Nepal: Ananda Tamang (pastor and Academic Dean, Himalayan Graduate School of Theology)

     • Thailand: Manik & Maple Corea (international church planter in Bangkok)


Messages each Sunday typically expound one text of the Bible in a relevant way.  The preaching focus for 2007-2008 included Ephesians, Habakkuk, and other texts.  Then from 2009-2013 we explained Genesis, Jonah, Philippians, John, Colossians, 1 Corinthians, 1 John, and Nehemiah.  Sermon series for 2014 included Revelation, Psalms, and Ecclesiastes.  In 2015 the focus was on Hebrews, Genesis again, and Isaiah. The year 2016 focused on the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5–7), NT Postcards and Judges. In 2017-2018 the focus was Romans and an overview of the OT books with one sermon per book. Lately we’ve been studying Isaiah, Mark and continuing the series on “The Bible: Book by Book” where we survey each NT book with one sermon per book.

Why do we mostly preach though books of the Bible? Well, why would we do otherwise since this is how God revealed himself to us?  We believe this kind of spiritual diet enables more character growth than disconnected topical messages.  In all sermons, the aim is glorify God by preaching the person of Jesus Christ.  We often provide thought questions to answer on our own or in home groups.  After all, Bible teaching is not just information, but transformation.

PowerPoint often accompanies Sunday messages and is uploaded at BibleStudyDownloads.org here. The goal is to be both interesting and understandable to teenagers and adults. Kids ages 1 to 8 leave for their own class 30 minutes into the service.